Covid19 Policies for 2020 Event

We would love to give everyone reassurance that attending this gathering is 100% safe and that you take no risk in attending, and contracting Covid19.  Unfortunately, that is impossible. However, we feel strongly in taking reasonable steps to reduce risk and support the event in going forward. Below outlines these steps:

2020 Covid19 Policies

  • All participants will have access to disposable masks, sanitizers, and infrared thermometers. Utilizing these available resources is voluntary and encouraged throughout this event.
  • No community meals will be provided. The new registration fees reflect that change. The format will be 3 course sessions per day instead of 4 to accommodate folks cooking personal meals, etc. 
  • Cabins will still be available but it is highly encouraged to camp.  Air sanitizer sprays will be available in all cabins, and buildings. We will separate folks to the best of our ability, but if you choose a cabin you could be bunking with other folks,  we will be reducing capacity in each cabin to half.
  • To the best of our abilities, classes will be outside, if inclement weather happens, folks will be encouraged to wear a mask and/or keep distance if we end up inside.
  • We will be sanitizing all bathroom facilities with air sanitizer sprays , and any other frequently shared areas, throughout each day at the event. 
  • All participants will be required to bring their own chair throughout the event.
  • It is stressed again, mask wearing is Voluntary but Encouraged! If this bothers you, please  consider joining us next year when hopefully this is over. We are looking forward to a smooth event that brings people together!
  • We will offer full refunds up until the event for folks if they feel uncomfortable with these policies or are feeling unwell.
  • We will offer full refunds if the state or county does not allow us to legally have this event.
  • Do to the nature of uncertainty we all live in right now , instructors and classes are subject to change. We will keep the website updated to the best of our ability.
  • These policies are subject to change if the need arises.
  • All participants will need to sign a waiver of liability and of acknowledgment of these policies.

And now take a big breath! It’s going to be a great event!