Simple Living Skills

Atlatl Darts - Victor Adhearne

Come make an atlatl dart to go with your new survival atlatl! Class size 15

Throwing the Atlatl - Victor Adhearne

Learn how to use your newly made atlatl and dart. Full explanation of physics and the importance of developing proper form. Class size 15

Bush Guns - George Hedgepeth

Bush Guns: This will be an in-depth look at selecting fire arms for long term use in all environments, from the arctic to tropical jungles. A rubric will be developed to allow each student to fit a gun to their needs, whatever the conditions they will be experiencing. Classic authors like Calvin Rutstrum, Finn Aagard, Horace Kephart, and Townsend Whelen will be consulted for their experiences.

Flint Knapping Demos -George Hedgepeth

Flint Knapping Demonstration: George will demo the production and use of several types of tools from stone. There was bushcraft before there were Moras and Silky saws!

Survival Atlatl - Victor Adhearne

Learn to make a survival atlatl from the local trees. Learn how to pick the correct branch, harvest it, and carve it. Class size 15

Meat Foraging- George Hedgepeth

Meat Foraging: Somewhere between picking berries and hunting moose is the realm of meat foraging, the art of putting protein in the pot from all sorts of non-conventional sources. Crickets, frogs, mice, and other small meat things will be thoroughly explored.

Selection and Management of Backwoods Sharps - George Hedgepeth

Selection and Management of Backwoods Sharps. How to pick bush tools that will work for you, keep them in prime condition, and use them efficiently. This is aimed more at beginners, but all are welcome. We will be making a sharpening system to take home in this class. Class size 20. Material fee $3.00

Stalking and Natural Camouflage - North Winds Wilderness School

Stalking and Natural Camouflage: Moving silently in a natural environment. Blending in with your background. There are so many reasons to move silently in the bush. Learning to move with the wind, stepping between sticks and blades of grass. These are the ways that you get closer to wildlife. You become a part of the background. When you are a part of the baseline animals will stop noticing you, and you can get closer than ever. Whether this is for hunting, photography, or just to be a part of it all. In this workshop we will get dirty, we will crawl and stalk, and hide. We will work with clay and mud to create a natural camouflage that will far surpass anything that you can buy in the store. You will learn walking postures that are in alignment with nature, You will learn how to blend with the background using natural horizon lines, and shadows. You will also learn how to see what might be hidden by reversing the ideas of hiding. This class is very fun, very hands on, and very in the dirt. Class size 10.

Simple First Aid Herbs - Thursday 10/3/19 ONLY!! Gigi Stafne

Along the meandering medicine trail, discover what is close on hand to help your body with common ailments and injuries.

Abo Flint Knapping - Andrew MInnick

ABO FLINT KNAPPING Learn the ancient ways of chipping stone knives, projectile points with stone, bone, antler, and wood. Hammerstone, soft percussion, indirect percussion, and pressure flaking techniques, with antler will be explored in depth, as well as tips and tricks in maximizing results with natural tools. Andrew has been knapping exclusively with primitive tools for over five years, and enjoys replicating and experimenting with stone tools in the field. Class size 8.

Bucksaw Build - Ben Piersma

Bucksaw Build: Learn how to build a 24" bucksaw with basic materials to help process your firewood needs.

Flint Tip Arrows - Andrew Minnick

FLINT TIP ARROWS Andrew will take his expertise in knapping to show primitive arrow making with flint tips. Participants will be able to make and take their own arrows!

Safe Camp Axe Use - Ben Piersma

Safe camp axe use : Learn the 4S's of axe safety and how to fell, buck, limb and split fuel for your fire.

Wilderness Camp Setup

Wilderness camp set up: Learn how to set up a quick lean to tarp, build a raised super comfortable bough bed, and build a pot suspension system for cooking over a fire.

Rabbit Pelt tanning -Amy Schmidt

Learn how to take a raw fur and turn it into a beautifully soft, usable material. This class utilizes domestic hides and will discuss wild rabbit uses.

Knots to Know - Steve Gorg

Psychology of Survival - Sam Larson

Hear from Sam based on his experience on the History Channel Show ALONE, as he survived by himself for 55 days in British Columbia, and 60 days in Northern Mongolia.

How to Teach Bow Drill - Sam Larson

How to teach the skill of making fire by bow drill method effectively to students of all ages and groups of all sizes, learn the tricks to be a success instructor, and pick up some tips and tricks to add to your personal success!

Primitive Trapping and Snares - Sam Larson

Learn primitive trapping and snaring techniques that Sam has used during his survival experiences.