Traditional Arts

Birch Bark Containers - Ferdy Goode

Combining natural materials from the forest including cedar bark and wood, birchbark and spruce roots; simple tools are used to create a Native Style Bark Container! Material fee $40

Birch-bark canoes 101 - Ferdy Goode

An Introduction to the birchbark canoe

Native Style Traditional Snowshoes 101 - Ferdy Goode

An introduction to Native style snowshoes

Mokotagen (Crooked Knives) -Nick Dillingham

Black Ash Baskets -Tim Ewert

Stone Pendant Necklace - North Winds Wilderness School

There is significant evidence to support the idea that when humans started decorating themselves, was around the same time that spoken language, and sense of self came into our lives. Archaeological evidence from Blombos cave puts this around 90,000 years ago. In this workshop we will discuss the history of human decoration, and we will work with soapstone, and both stone age and modern tools to create our own beads and pendants.... $5.00 Material Fee This is a 4 hour workshop( 2 sessions)

Brain Tanning - Derrik Walker

Derrik will be demonstrating all the steps involved in tanning deer hides in a traditional way.

Flint Tip Arrows - Andrew Minnick

FLINT TIP ARROWS Andrew will take his expertise in knapping to show primitive arrow making with flint tips. Participants will be able to make and take their own arrows!

Raw hide Containers - Amy Schmidt

Learn the principles of working with raw hide to form usable containers and vessels. Folks will make a small vessel during class. Class limit 15. Please bring extra scissors. Material fee $5

Pottery - Nick Gordon

South American Matisse - Show and Tell : Nick Gordon

Bushcraft Expedition in the Amazon Jungle A Unique Cultural Immersion with One of the Most Remote Tribes on the Planet! What does bushcraft mean to those who rely on the so called “Bush skills” in daily life? To explore this question, Nick Gordon of NOW Outdoors along with Joe Flowers of Bushcraft Global took a truly one of a kind cultural immersion deep in the Amazon Jungle. Indigenous men and women became our teachers and the jungle was our classroom. These men and women are from tribes only recently contacted and met us hundreds of miles down remote rivers to share their rich culture and insights to living in the jungle. While working through extreme language barriers, we focused on a variety of crafts and skills such as blowgun making, bows, traps, baskets, machete skills, canoe paddle carving, fire building, shelter craft and more. We participated in ceremonies never before filmed, explored wildlife both day and night, and even learned to make curare poison and joined in hunts with the Matis, learning how they spot and stalk monkeys while wielding 12 foot blowguns. Join me for this first ever presentation with photos, artifacts, and stories from the Amazon!

Processing Wild Rice - Steve Gorg

Chippewa River Canoe Tour - Scott Oeth

Chippewa River Canoe Tour Scott from Bull Moose Patrol will lead a short canoe cruise on the historic Chippewa River. Here's a chance to practice your technique, and enjoy the local waterways. This event is weather dependent. It may be moved to a flatwater lake location, or cancelled all together if water levels, wind, and temperatures are not suitable for an on-water paddle. Limit 10 participants.